February 20, 2009

Leo the Cat

Let me begin by introducing you to our cat Leo, affectionaly known as Leomeister, Baby Leo, Boopie; you get the picture. He is one of the nicest cats I've ever met. I rescued Leo when he was seven weeks young, weighed two and a half pounds and shook uncontrollably. His large green eyes stared up and me; what was not to love?

Needless to say, he came home with me; that was fifteen years ago. We have a beautiful relationship: he loves me and I love him; it is that simple!

When people come to the door, he sniffs their shoes, lets them pet his head, then he's off to his comfy bed in the living room to watch and listen. He doesn't hiss, nor does he jump on kitchen counters. That was one of my disciplinary orders when he was a kitten. Admittedly, I am a strict Mom. He knows the house rules, however, he also gets unlimited amounts of love. He's lovable with my Hubby, and will lay on Hubby's feet, which are positioned on the ottoman, while watching a movie. Then he will fall asleep, and Hubby likes feeling Leo's weight pressed down on his socks. Leo is a sweetheart, plain and clear.

His health is overall good, except for the fact that is is diabetic. We give him his morning and evening shot of insulin, of which he doesn't even flinch (basically because his face is already in the fresh food). We also take him to his six month Vet check for his glucose curve test. Let's just say he is very anxious to come home, as most pets are. Unfortunately, he gets pricked for blood every hour for six hours. I know I would be abit crabby too.

He fills his days watching the flurry of activity at the bird feeder. I find him very interesting to watch. As a hunter, he croutches down and stares at the various types of birds, large and small, while his jaw makes little sounds - very cute. And he sleeps. Did I mention that? He sleeps approximately six-eight hours during the daytime, and then another eight hours at night. He does not wander around at night. I've heard that pets adapt to your living habits, and I think that is true for Leo. He sleeps when we sleep at night.

Both Hubby and I had dogs as pets in our childhood. Hubby had several Old English Sheepdogs (one at a time), and my family had a German Shepard - Collie (very handsome). Leo is the first cat that I ever considered owning. The place and timing were right for me in my life, and I'll never regret it. Okay, the cat hair is abit much sometimes, but the house stays very clean with a good strong vacuum cleaner, and diligence.

I love my little Leo with all my heart, just like every other pet lover who loves their pets. They are all part of our families. I'm sharing him with you for that one picture where he didn't run away. Evidently, he doesn't like the humming sound of the camera. That is our Leo!


  1. Aw, Leo looks adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your Leo is cute! Have a great weekend!

  3. Rescue animals are the best! They may be missing a few marbles (mine is missing more than a few!), but they're so happy to have a home.

  4. What a cutie! I love that picture.

  5. Leo is a doll. I love all animals, but I have a soft spot for kitties. My Moo was a stray that we took in during the summer of '07. I am working overtime to convince my husband that our "foster child," Garage Kitty needs to become a permanent adoptee!!!

  6. Aww, Leo is super cute.
    I love our dog, but cats are just so much easier.

  7. It's so good to finally meet Leo!

  8. Sweet Leo. How did you trian him to stay off the counters? I have never had kitties jump up there until our current kittens. They just won't stay off when they want to get to the window - even though there are plenty of other windows and a french door for them to look out at the same view! Squirt bottles only work when we are there.

  9. What a sweet kitty! I want to hug him.


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