October 13, 2008

Welcome to my new space. Make yourself comfortable.

Hello and welcome to my Blog Space. This is day one for me, so excuse me if you see several errors. Just today,I was presented with a Smile Award from the lovely Cindy @ http://figslavendercheese.blogspot.com/ Thank you again Cindy!!! :)
It was actually the kick in the pants I needed to modify my time in the comment section of a couple of blogs, and find my own place to call cyber home. It may take me a while to find the blogs that I would like to extend this award to. I'm one of those individuals who believes in being thorough.

Kick off your shoes, make yourself comfy in whatever fashion you prefer. I have a thing for slippers and chai tea. Pajamas too. Together, it confirms that I am home. And after a full day of the world, I need to know I am at home, in my nest. Once I saw an advertisement for windows and doors in a magazine. The front door was ajar, and the only comment on the bottom of the page read "This is all that stands between you and the outside world". Well, I never forgot those strong and thought provoking words! There are many nights when I shut the outside door and think to myself how true, how true. Home is comfort to me on a very deep level. Wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen, a lit candle, great music, my hubby's laughter from watching the Daily Show, a page turner book and my cat sleeping on my feet are just some of my home pleasures. And sometimes it is as simple as looking outside at the trees and flowers - very peaceful.

Tell me what makes you feel "comfort" (doesn't matter where or how you live). It's the feeling that counts.

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  1. Yah!! Welcome to the neighborhood!! Love the purple.


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