October 19, 2008

Tea Time

My Mother and I went for lunch on Friday, at a most charming restaurant and tea room called Sally Lunn's. Originated in England many many years ago, it is now a permanent fixture in a small town about 30 mins. from where I live. In addition to 'high tea' they also offer cottage pie, lamb and beef pasties, their famous scones, many tempting homemade desserts and a very long list of teas. My Mother enjoyed a hot mug of mulled apple cider w/apple slices and lemon wedge. My beverage was a cinnamon tea-warm and comforting. I selected homemade chicken pot pie for lunch, and my Mom ordered French Toast stuffed w/warm apples. It is the best French Toast I've ever tasted. Sorry no photos at this time. I know - blog sin #1. The pot pie was full of vegetables and chicken w/a puffed pastry topping-delicious! We managed to leave without dessert, which is almost impossible to do. The tea room is as charming as you can imagine: mix'n match tablecloths with white lacy overlays and cloth napkins. All around the walls stand curio cabinents loaded with tea services for sale. Tea cups and saucers abound on shelves as well. When we were done looking around at the vintage prints that also hang on the walls, we then carried out our little white bags of scones with devonshire cream and jam for Saturday morning breakfast. There we were, two smiling women with their little white bags. When I called my Mother this morning to say "hi" she was enjoying her scone. I could tell she had a smile on her face. And that makes it all worthwhile!

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  1. Hello! I'm so glad you started blogging. But...you've made me very hungry with the first post I read. What a great place to have lunch with mom.


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