October 14, 2008

The Wedding

A couple of days ago, I went to a family wedding. What an event! The cocktail hour was thoroughly delicious with very tasty coconut shrimp just as one example, several warm carving stations, hot Italian food that could easily fill ones' belly as a satisfying meal. The dinner was a choice of four entrees. Let's not forget the wedding cake. Lastly, the Venetian stations located in another large room, proudly offered their multiple flavors of gelatos, fondue w/fuits, nuts, etc., creme brulee, flan, cheesecake, and a huge assortment of Italian pastries. These desserts seduced my senses until I broke down and walked away with several "small" plates, vowing to add twenty more minutes to the elliptical and spin bike on Monday. The music was fun with lots of dancing, clapping and happy faces. The last time I saw my relatives it was for three funerals, count 'em three, consecutively within a years' time (my Father included). This event gave my family the opportunity to look at pictures of great grandchildren, hold a baby, catch up on happy events in the lives of aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws. It reminded me of the Renoir painting shown above of eating, drinking and making merry. Times like this give us a break from the global and national news that assaults us on a daily basis. The one thing I can count on at an Italian wedding is the outward expression of love for family, food and music. Ciao!

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