March 13, 2014


My sweet friend Theresa

I am blessed to have a friend by the name of Theresa. We did not meet by chance; I believe we met by divine intervention. When Allen and I moved into this neighborhood, I knew I wanted to plant a garden. Theresa was already settled and an avid gardener. She quickly took me under her green thumb and set me to work on my flower garden. For years now we exchange plants, read each others garden magazines and anything else that has to do with mixing one's hands in Mother Earth. 
We also like to go out together. Sometimes I will take her to appointments, so she doesn't have to muddle her way through highway traffic. She's a native New Yorker and only began driving when she moved to the suburbs. One of our favorite things to do with is to have long conversations. Even though we are years apart, age does not matter. This photo of her was taken at my wedding as she watched our ceremony. I love her Irish blue eyes and the way she winks when she smiles. I am so very happy to be able to call her my friend. Every year I give her an Angelonia flower plant. It is a tradition and a token of how I feel about my friend.
Angelonia plant


  1. What a sweet post about your friend. She sounds like a real treasure and I know you are too! You two will be busy with spring arriving any day now!

  2. It is always meant to be when we meet up with someone who has enriched our lives! My dear, I hope you got my email; I will be sending out the cards over the weekend. My week has been full! MERCI, Anita

  3. Friendship transcends any notions or perceptions of age.
    I think you are very fortunate to have found each other and bonded in friendship.
    Your words and post are very sweet. As is your gift to Theresa each Spring.
    Spring any day now, my Robin returned this morning.

  4. Oh, a friend like that is a treasure, Kathleen. How nice that she taught you about gardening. I love gardening too, it brings me peace. And the Angelonia plant is so pretty. You know I love the color Purple. Irish people are the best, don't ya think?

    Have a good Friday, my friend.


  5. She sounds wonderful...everyone should have a friend like her! Hope your weekend is extra special!

  6. Theresa seems sweet and is lucky to have a friend like you!

    And I LOVE angelonia!

  7. Dearest Kathleen! HELLO! I just came back from the post office (open on Sunday!) and your cards are en route! I hope you enjoy them and thank you so much for coming over today! It's sunny out here, and I hope we both get a good spring treatment this week, though snow is in our forecast for Tuesday!

    Enjoy your week and many thanks and blessings to you! Anita

  8. Kathleen,
    How lovely that your friend is a reflection of your kindness. Your love shines through her face and your passion for your garden too.


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