February 15, 2014

A Poem

"Let snowflakes dance in fields of grey,
Let winter stars come out to play and light the skies above...
Let firelight kindle hearts within,

and the world be wrapped in love."
Author: unknown

 It is the best I can do with mountains of snow outside our door. I am embracing it with cooking comfort foods, baking, and taking long walks with my camera. I have picked up the telephone to communicate with friends, instead of e-mails. It has all felt good to me, for me. I have been reading a lot more and reflecting on everything...kind of going with the season. I have even been going to sleep earlier, and that feels great!  Should you be feeling a bit "under the weather" - find something that will make you feel better. I sent a couple of flower photos to a girlfriend who is in desperate need of a summer reminder. I am also taking myself to a spa on Wednesday for a facial. Keep well in mind, body and spirit. ~


  1. From across the river in PA, cabin fever seems to have hit here also. According to the weather stations, we have had 55 inches of snow this season, but 78 in 2010. It seems like longer since we had that much snow. Where do you get your sketches like the one on your header? They are very nice. Do you make those yourself?

    1. The artwork on my blog banner was created by the talented PVE design Artist. To know more, just let me know.

  2. Hi Kathleen! You know how desperate I am for spring. If it doesn't come soon, I'm going to go chasing it -- to the Caribbean.

    A facial sounds heavenly!

  3. It is getting harder and harder to deal with this winter weather. I guess spring will be that much sweeter when it gets here.

  4. Kathleen,
    You are such a special person and doing things that are good for body and mind. I can only imagine looking outside my door and seeing a blanket of snow, what a sight that must be for you. It has been raining here in California, and I appreciate all the different weather that comes my way.

    Have a nice Sunday. I love the poem today.


  5. Sounds like the perfect plan to me Kathleen. That is what I miss most about winter...the nesting. It seems like a natural cycle..to take yourself in before going out again. Something this New Englander misses dearly. A beautiful poem, enjoy that spa! ;)

  6. I love this time of year for quiet contemplation and sharing warmth. Love in any season should always garner our attention and our hearts.
    Perfect poem.
    Thanks so much for sharing,


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