February 19, 2014

A Majestic Sight

I hope you like this photograph of Mustangs.  Nature, once again at its finest. I have looked at this many times, and seem to notice something new with each viewing. The various shades of blues and greens on the horizon are just amazing. There is a blurriness of the grass in the foreground, emphasizing the sharp focus on the Mustangs. Notice the different standing and bending positions? Their colors are different shades of blacks, browns, whites and grays. I love to look at how the the sun reflects on them. There is so much to look at.
A meeting of hungry friends. So wild and beautiful.
Photographer: Unknown


  1. Wow -- such beautiful creatures! Love this photo!

  2. Kathleen,
    This is really a nice picture. I'm so glad you see so many different things in it too. I love horses, and always wanted one when I was growing up. We lived in the suburbs, so it never happened, but my love for horses still remains. The white one is a beauty.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. Kathleen,
    Being a Kentuckian, I love nature and horses.
    Happy weekend.

  4. I gasped when I opened your page, for I LOVE HORSES. My husband has been "infected" with the bug of love for equines, thanks to me! ahhahahahh....but how can you ever get bored of observing these creatures, whose contures are so fascinating. Since childhood, I've been drawing their profiles and now, I still cannot stop looking at them.

    Thank you for coming to visit. Have a marvelous Sunday! Anita

  5. horses in the field are a sight I never tire of...I like cattle grazing also. beautiful!


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