February 13, 2012

Wishing you a love-ly day!

I think it is nice to have a special day to acknowledge the loved ones in our lives. The range of loved ones is wide and clear. In addition to my husband and families, I most certainly love my friends...oh, I love them dearly. I have 3:00 in the morning friends. That if I was in a serious jam at 3:00 am, I know I could count on them to help me. Now, this has not happened in the past, nor do I suspect there would be a reason for this in the future, however, the bottom line is that I can count on them. And that to me, is a blessing.
I know the word "love" is used alot, and I would go so far as to say "overused". I can't help loving pink herringbone sneakers, and rice pudding (separately of course). I love the laugh of a child, and my Mom's laughter makes me smile - miles. I love a daisy...so simple and pure.
I love alot of people and "stuff" that can jam pack my life's suitcase.
So, on this special day, smile at someone you know, and one that you don't know.
I love (there I go with that love word again) to compliment someone as I walk by them. Whether it's a woman's purse or hat, or an elderly gentleman's tie, it's all the same, and done with sincerity. It's love. And I believe love is what we are here for.


  1. Hello Kathleen

    I love your suggestion on complimenting someone. It can make a person's day, when given with sincerity.

    Happy Valentine's Day and may the year be full of loving moments

  2. Well I 'love' this post! You've truly taken 'going through the Valentine's Day motions' out of the picture and brought the true meaning of this special day back to it's rightful position to a show of love to those around us, be they strangers or those closest...thank you!
    Have a lovely and wonderful day of hearts!
    xo J~

  3. I use to think that way too, until I realized the last few years I do love, love and love everything, just like I love your post! :) Enjoy your sweet day filled with love and sweets. Happy Valentine's Day my friend!! xo

  4. P.S. If you haven't yet, you should be receiving a bit of love in the mail.

  5. Dear Kathleen,
    I finally made it here and to my pleasant surprise you are back! I LOVE your blog. I believe a kind word, a smile, just the act of looking into someones eyes are all acts of love and as you said, that is the reason we are here.
    Happy belated birthday to your sweet mother. I remember getting my first library card at The Bishop Memorial Library in Toms River. I was so proud and wanted printed name to be perfect so I think I took ten minutes to write it (at least it seemed that way!) It was a rite of passage and it's sad that today's cards are plastic, much like credit cards. I adore all the old photographs you shared -- your brother's toothless smile is priceless. I think your friend is happy knowing you smile when you see her picture. I know I am.


Thanks for visiting.
~ Kathleen ~