February 5, 2012

A happy little girl!

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Do you remember your first Library card?  I do. My Mother took me to the ever so small Library we had in town, (and I mean tiny...one small room). The nice Library Lady gave me a manilla colored paper card with my name "offically" typed. All I had to do was sign it, and keep it in a safe place. That card was placed in a special box under my bed - a sacred place along with pennies and shiny gems from gumball machines.
I still have a Library card (not my original one, unfortunately), but an active one. There are two Libraries that I like: the one in my town, and the County one. One is a beautiful old building that has turrets and sort of resembles a castle. It even has a spiral staircase. The other one is comtemporary in style and full of great materials for research. I love the scent of an old book, and even a new one. Do you still have a Library card?


  1. Oh yes, I support public libraries and any library for that matter. I use my library card every week. I tell them I am their best customer. I love using their online databases too. I like to talk to my grandchildren about their latest visit to the library which is every Saturday for them. It was so cheerful to see the little two year old babies at story time on my last visit to my library.

  2. I do remember the library of yesterday. The index file, the shhh... Yes I have a card to our library. xo

  3. Not a current one since moving here....I donate all my books to the library but other than that I haven't been to one in years!

  4. Yay! you're back!!! and no...I don't have my library card anymore...but! I do remember how exciting it was to go and pick out my "next adventure".... I just got back from vacation..read 2 great books..yes books..not via a kindle! I was amazed at how many people were on the beach trying to read a kindle in the bright sunlight... nothing like touching and turning the pages! Happy Weekend!


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