March 26, 2011

One of my loves...

Allen and I were having lunch today at a local restaurant. We were sitting by a window when into the parking lot came a root beer brown Porsche Carrera. My dream car. Seriously, my dream car. I happen to like looking at cars, driving cars; it is an enjoyment of mine. I have liked this particular car for years. Once I saw one in Vermont while vacationing. It was eggplant purple - love at first sight. It had saddle interior and of course, manual transmission. I sometimes think of automobiles simply as a means of transportation, but NOT with this beauty. She's a daydream of mine that I would like to explore the world with. I love its egg shape, and I swoon over the front headlights. It is a very unique shaped car, just like the older Saabs, which is another joy-toy I would love to own.

I have digressed. Allen was paying the bill while I walked up to the Gentleman who owned the car. He was alone. I addressed him as "sir" with his head full of silver wavy hair, and proceeded to tell him that I liked his car. I then told him, "one day I hope to trade in my Volvo for your car." He seemed amused and said "it is a contemporary mortal sin." I wished him a nice day and walked away. Allen and I had a chuckle in our car as we drove away. However his comment made me think - do I have any "comtemporary mortal sins" other than that car?

Do you ?


  1. Then is that is a sin, count me in. Funny how we all have little sins in the shape of a car. I think that would be my sin, does it come in bright green?

  2. Gorgeous car and I love his comment! Someday I'd love that car too! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Gorgeous car. The man's comment was interesting.

  4. I can relate.... I went shopping one day, and came home with a Land Rover...
    And surprised my husband! You would be smashing in your dream car!

  5. What an interesting comment he made!!!

    I can see you driving that car!!

  6. eggplant, all sounds delicious!

    My husband has a 1997 993, it is and has always been his dream car. People stop him all the time to praise that little silver bullet and it makes him so proud.

    The one good thing about that 'sin', unlike other cars it actually has increased in value since he bought it!

    When can I come pick you up!? Want to bring you over to see my purple flowers, things are going to get real colorful here as soon as the weather heats up.

  7. Kathy, I love your dream car, but I don't think I will be drag racing you, with my dream vintage red pick up truck. smile...

    PS I pulled out my ice cream book and was reading it last night. xo

  8. Who wouldn't want one of those cars? Contemporary Mortal sins and guilty pleasures make me think of chocolate.

  9. If this car is a "Contemporary Mortal Sin," I think we've redefined the concept of "sin" way down. Somehow, I just don't see a root beer brown Porsche Carrera as being up there with pride, gluttony, wrath, sloth, lust, greed, pride, and envy. Or voting Republican.

  10. hi kathleen....loved the post...cute story....

    happy to stop by for a visit today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  11. Hubs is anything with a VIN number but me...just set me before chocolate!!!

    Great read sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day! :o)

  12. i love this post.... that comment is quite interesting..... yep... i think i do have a contemporary mortal sin... but i shall keep it to myself..hee hee....

    Happy Day to you!

  13. one day i will have a cayman sport!


  14. My favourite car dad had three (or four?) - lost count - when we were growing up and I vividly remember the green one he had when the three of us where still quite young. My younger sister had to squeeze in the middle of the two sits in the back (a porsche carrera only has 4 seats) poor thing! But it was fun! that might explain my obsession...?! Love the colour of the one in your pic. It's divine!
    Have a great week :)) xo

  15. Can't blame you,
    that car is divine...
    And even if I hate my hubby's fast driving,
    I would still love a Porsche in a slow mode ♥

    Contemporary Mortal Sin? Maybe we all have some.


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