March 16, 2011

Sweet Baby Love!

Left to right: Donna, Gina & Antoinette
I recently attended a baby shower for Gina, a beautiful young woman I know. She is the daughter of my dear friend Antoinette. There is always love surrounding Antoinette, Gina and Donna (Donna is Antoinette's younger daughter - also beautiful inside and out). They are very close, and it warms my heart to see the immense love within this family.

Antoinette hosted a baby shower for Gina. Donna was in charge of the fun activities we participated in, and the women at my table were full of giggles and smiles.

The gay festivities on that Sunday afternoon made me think of love, hugs and kisses. I saw everyone from family relations to friends hugging one another. Women don't hesitate to embrace each other; it seems so natural, and it sincerely warms my heart. It is nice to shake hands with someone and covet their hands, however a hug represents the feelings of the heart coming through. It personalizes feelings. A hug gives and a hug gets at the same time.

The love in the room for Gina was evident beyond words. Approximately sixty women came together with love in their hearts to extend best wishes to Gina and Brian. I was teary-eyed at the love that was expressed so beautifully.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful celebration of life, friendship and family...your post is great as it draws attention to the most wonderful things in life which are often forgotten or hidden when in fact they should be celebrated and admired at all times! :))
    Hope you are having a great week :))

  2. A hug is one of the many ways to express love and to communicate love.

    A circle of love is surrounding this little one even before their eyes have yet to meet. What a beautiful feeling. xo

  3. What a sweet post! Congratulations to the parents-to-be!

  4. Beautiful family! I wish Gina and her hubby for a healthy baby and all the joys that follow. I'm not really a hugger of people until I know them well....Germany ruined me...everything is about the hand shake! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Immense love and magic that a baby brings to a family. Everyone should be so lucky to be showered with love. Best wishes to the family and that baby who will no doubt be one loved little blessing!

  6. Congratulation to Gina and Brian...a new baby will just rock their world!!!

    I'm thrilled to see that ya'll had a cake other than the wonderful diaper cake to eat! Heeheehe!!! Ya gotta love those diaper cakes.

    Doesn't a close family just warm a room??

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

  7. It's amazing what the pending delivery can do for a family. What a lovely trio of women. And they are blessed to have you as a special friend. xox

  8. Ohh. I just love baby showers!!! Such lovely faces on those happy women!

  9. Awwe...congratulations to Gina and Brian! Their little one will be 'showered' with love and hugs by all and bring such joy to the family.
    Sweet blessings to them all!
    xo J~

  10. Love your description of a hug. And what a beautiful event!

  11. That lucky little baby has been surrounded by hugs lovely. Best wishes to your beautiful friends!

  12. i agree about hugs. there was a study saying that if you hug for more than 6 seconds endorphins are released in the brain. :)
    sending you a 6 second hug!

  13. hi kathleen...a really sweet post

    congratulations to the happy parents-to-be...

    so HAPPY to stop by today
    and sending a HUG !!!

    kary and teddy

  14. wonderful description of a and

  15. How sweet! Welcoming a new baby is such a boon to us all!

  16. What a beautiful welcoming a new baby into the world. Congratulations to your friends!


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