February 4, 2010


Recently, I was looking at photos on my Inspiration board. I saw a photo of my Mother and Father on their wedding day. I've posted it before, however, I never get tired of looking at them. There is a photo of me at a family picnic. I must have been about nine or ten years of age. And a decorative pillow that has the words "CHERISH" on it.

I love and cherish these photos because of who is in it. My parents and my youth. I cannot bring my Father back, nor can I return to a childhood age. My Father was a wonderful man, and my Mother is a beautiful lady. The photo of me makes me think I want to grow up to be just like them. ;)


  1. Beautiful. I love old pictures.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. That was a lovely post. :o) I'm sure your father is watching over you with pride.

  3. Those are wonderful memories to be cherished...
    what a beautiful wedding photo of your parents.

  4. Sweet words...wonderful memories...how great that your parents had a good marriage -- it makes for happy children.

  5. Very sweet post. Your parents' wedding photo is beautiful.

  6. What a sweet tribute to your parents and your youth. Will you be sharing your inspiration board with PvE? That little 'Cherish' pillow is a gem! Have a nice weekend!

  7. Great memories to cherish and treasure. I think that you are well on your way to becoming all they dreamed you would be...and more!

  8. Memories like these are indeed special!
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  9. We are fortunate to have such wonderful parents. My parents are still loving life and I am amazed at the energy and the positivity they have to keep up! I have a wedding photo of them I adore. My children find it hard to see that it is them - one son when he was a little boy asked his Grandma - "What happened?" It is hard to fathom how life and age can change our exterior. Beauty lives inside our hearts even when loved one's are gone.

  10. Kathleen..i just loved seeing these old photos...and love seeing how much you treasure them...


    more later, my friend

  11. Such beautiful sentiments Kathleen.
    Reminds me of Times when photographs were really cherished. I have grown to appreciate black and white photos with time.

    We live in digital times, when people can delete pictures just like that. I don't hav emany of my parents in their youth or many of my childhood, but those that I do, like you I cherish.


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