February 15, 2010

Art and Poetry...

Quote by Marie von Ebner Eschenbach
Artwork by Mary Engelbreit

The beauty in this quote is endless...
What thoughts come to mind when you read it?


  1. PS I gave you a shout out on my blog. Feel free to accept the award if you like.

  2. I found your blog through the 5th sister..and that is a beautiful artwork, very whimsical..

  3. Beautiful.
    Hope you have an awesome week.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Kathleen...love the quote...

    and YES ! the air is filled with the scent of apples...

    good to see you today, my friend

  5. I love Mary Inglebright drawings. So lovely. And yes, I find beauty everywhere, in everything. I had to break up with a (kinda, was interested in the role) BF in college b/c when I showed him an intricate box I had bought, said, "what... It's just a stupid little box," like HE could've made it.....

  6. True. What truly matters is not glittering or immediately pleasurable/ instant gratification. What really matters is deeper and beyond superfical emotion.

  7. So sweet. I think to look deeper.

  8. What a wonderful quote! It's given me a lot to think about!

  9. I love this quote and a great reminder to stop and look beyond. Many hugs and a golden day to you! xo

  10. So many times I wonder at nature thinking how on earth is that possible, or why is that happening. One example was watching whales breaching or slapping their tales in Hawaii. I wanted to uncover the mystery. Lovely quote. Holly


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