August 5, 2009

Those lazy, hazy days of the garden!

Well, we are certainly experiencing the hazy and humid part of summer, now with both feet firmly planted in August. I feel abit melancholy when I look at my flower gardens. Many of the blooms are no longer at their peaks, and look like they are fading. Ah, summer; a most delicious time of year, yet passes so quickly.

I know many of the fruits and vegetables are in high gear, and I'm smiling about that. We go to a local Farmers Market, and the tomatoes are looking and tasting good. The lettuce and zucchini's are also delicious. I could go on...yummy!

However, for now, I will show you photos of our flowers gardens, slightly overgrown by all the rain in June. Th Sedum which normally blooms in early October, now looks like it's almost ready to show its pretty coral color - two months early. :) You can't argue with Mother Nature ....and who would want to?!

A pink and white cleome that reseeded from somewhere. I think my neighbors' garden.

Purple Grass beginning to feather - so pretty!

Melopodium Million Mile have really taken off with their large round mound of cute yellow flowers.

So, make a glass of ice tea, put your feet up, and enjoy the month of August as much as you possibly can!


  1. What a gorgeous garden! Blessings, andrea

  2. August has always been a bittersweet month for me. It seems to hint at the end of the summer but I try to focus on the moment and not the future. Your photos are wonderful!

  3. Beautiful flowers as always. I too find August to be slightly bittersweet. I plan to make the most of the month-get out and enjoy it. I do love fall though- it's such a glorious time of year-but I don't look forward to what's coming after that.

  4. Your garden is so beautiful! I love the colors and the flowers! I told Kathy I am going to pick her brain when I'm ready to start a garden of my own - I have a plot here in the yard that desperately needs something. May I pester you for advice too? I adore flowers and gardens but know nothing about planting flowers!

    Have a good book to read, too, to take you away somewhere new when the weather gets a little too hot and sticky!

  5. Lovely! Don't you just love cleome and how tenacious it is?

  6. Your flowers look wonderful, mine are not fairing as well with the recent lack of rain.

    I agree, summer is too short. I just told my husband this afternoon that I wish it were still June!

  7. I would love to share a glass of tea with you in your garden. Simply colorful and beautiful! xoxo

  8. I love a pretty flower! Thanks.

  9. Lovely blog!

    Have a nice day
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  10. My fall flowers are blooming, too, from all the rain in June! Crazy. My mums are thisclose to blooming ( I planted the mum last year literally quadrupled in size. I think it would have grown even larger if it had more room!).

    Your flowers are just gorgeous. I love the color combinations...right now everything I've got blooming is yellow. I need to bookmark this post for next year!


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