August 13, 2009

Take a stroll through paradise...

Below are copies of paintings by Claude Oscar Monet. I tried not to select the most commonly seen ones in museum shops, etc. His style is stimulating to my eyes and heart. I have been fortunate to see many of his works in NYC, Washington D.C., Boston and Chicago. Next stop...Paris.

I hope you can take time out of your day and imagine yourself in a quiet museum, savoring what the Artist has created. Impressionism is the capturing of a fleeting moment. Enjoy.
The museum is now open!

Water Lily Pond- Water Irises
Many of Monet's paintings of his famous Lily Pond and Japanese Bridge were painted in the blue-purple hues. I also like the firey family colors he used in this painting.

Still Life With Melon
The blue dish was the influence of Japanese art that flourished in Paris during the Impressionistic period. Notice the small legs on the bottom of the bowl with peaches.

Madame Monet and Child
Madame Monet's complexion is painted in the realm of peaches and cream. And her item of sewing is like downy soft snow. Notice the child's little pink bow in her hair.

La Japonaise (or Camille Monet in Japanese Costume)
Another example of the Japanese influence on French Painters, during Monet's time period.

In the Meadow (detail).

In The Woods At Giverny: BlancheHoschede Monet At Her Easel With Suzanne Hoschede Reading

A Woman Reading.
I thoroughly enjoy looking at the dappled sunlight dancing on her dress, along with the myriad of colors painted throughout. Her bonnet is divine.

I hope your visit evoked positive thoughts and feelings toward a respected Artist, and gave you a feeling of joy.


  1. The scent of the gorgeous flowers, the sweet juice of the melon-Thank your gracious tour this morning.

  2. I love the pictures you chose. It's nice to see some of his less well-known paintings.

    My mom has always loved Monet's work. She has Monet prints hanging in almost every room of her house.

    I remember reading, once, that you can tell if his paintings were made earlier or later in his life by the colors he used. As he got older and his eyesight deteriorated, his color palette changed.

  3. Our daughter fell in love with Monet after a grade school visit to the museum. She has loved his paintings ever since!

  4. i so love monet's meadow paintings ...
    and i am delighted to see these other works as well!
    my niece travelled to europe recently and she commented on how incredible it was to see the original paintings first hand ... indescribable!
    thank you for this spot of joy today ~

  5. Monet's lesser known paintings really are some of his most beautiful. The colors in the Water Lily Pond - Water Irises with the bridge are so vibrant. And the detail and colors of In the Woods at Giverny allows me to see it for real in my mind as if I had been there. My mom adored Monet's lesser known works like these paintings you chose! We took many trips to the Met much to my delight to view Monet and other Impressionists. I'll be back many times today to gaze at your museum!

  6. Monet is one of my favorites. You see the bridge over the water-lily pond? When we were there, our children, then 9 and 10, got into an argument on that bridge! For a minute, I thought 1. we were going to be thrown out; 2. my husband would be fishing them out of that pond!

  7. Dappled sun of my favorite things to look at in anyone's paintings. It takes a special talent to capture it.

    Just stopping bye to say hello and let you know I was thinking of you.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love Monet - such rich colors.

  9. Thank you, Kathy, for the much needed moment of quiet this morning -- and I love your insights and appreciation of detail. So inspiring!

  10. Thanks for this moment of respite during my day!

  11. What joy to see these beautiful Monet's after a not so good day.
    My favorite was Woman Reading with the dappled sunlight and the exquisite shading of her dress and her bonnet. I have never seen this one. Have you?

  12. Elsie: I saw it at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (it was part of a private collection.)

  13. Just beautiful, I remember being swamped in a haze of blue when I first saw his water lilies stretched around the Paris gallery - amazing to think he painted them when he was going blind.

    Thank you for showing me more his lesser known works.

  14. I just wanted you to know that your site helped me to find the title of "Woman Reading." When I lived in the student dorms in Germany for a year, I had this on the wall in my very small room and have fond memories of gazing at it with bright sunlight beaming through my window, but unfortunately I didn't have the space to bring it home to the States, and I didn't know its name to be able to see it again. Tried to search for it before with no luck. But tonight I googled "dappled sunlight tree Monet", and it came up with this page. Thank you!!


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