March 21, 2009

A stroll down Garden Lane

I wanted to look back to a few pictures of last years' garden to jog my memory. After a winters' worth of time being away from the garden, I tend to forget what perennial is here or there. And are there room for some annuals? Every year the garden looks alittle different, which is good. I like it. Life evolves, why shouldn't a garden evolve into whatever it is going to be, right?

These are Asiatic lillies, and they are as bright orange as you can imagine. You can almost start to think "Halloween" when looking at their color, but the warm air quickly diminishes that thought.

This is one corner of our garden. We have been very fortunate that our townhouse neighbors on either side do not have an interest in gardening. Therefore, I have been able to get my garden gloves in that soil and garden away. This also gives them the benefit of looking out their kitchen window to see a tall bunch of happy Shasta daisies or purple cleome. The additional property expands our choices of all that is in the garden center. I become a kid in a candy shop without getting the cavities.
I like adding architectural objects in the garden. Other than the two trellis' shown, there are actually several other types of art designs that we enjoy. The photo didn't capture them because they were on the other side.
For now we have various types of tulips and daffodils beginning to come up. I will post them once they sprout. Happy Gardening!


  1. Can't wait to see more. I love the architectural details in a garden, too. Trellises and such add more dimension, I think.
    Cleome are so neat -- they are so good about re-seeding every year. I usually have hundreds of them and the deer seem to hate the smell!

  2. Happy gardening to you, too! Looks like fun.

  3. You're very talented. Your gardens look lovely.
    PS - Thanks for the Springsteen alert.

  4. Love your garden! So very pretty! Have a terrific week.

  5. What a pretty garden! I wish I had a green thumb. Everything I plant, dies. :(

  6. What a lovely garden you have! I too love to garden and can't wait for it to warm up here so I can start digging in! It is one of my favorite activities.

    I wanted to thank you for all of the sweet messages you have left on Lucy's blog- you are too nice! I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to checking back in! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week! Happy Gardening!

  7. Your garden is so pretty!
    Would you come up to VT and help with my planting?
    We were lucky enough to be able to pay someone last year, but the budget is tight and I'll have to do it all myself.
    Did I mention that I'm HORRIBLE with any and all plants.
    Should be an interesting Spring and Summer!


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