March 14, 2009

The Crocuses Have Arrived!!

Once they push their cute flower petals up through the earth, you can believe Spring is not too far away. Although I have not seen nor heard a Robin Redbreast, my belief rests with seeing the crocuses that we planted last year. I like when I see them poking up through the snow, but it didn't happen that way this time. The snow had melted, and the next thing I knew, pop, there they were, showing off their spring colors of bright yellow, purple and white flowers.

We even have crocuses where we did not plant them. However, I can thank Henry our resident squirrel who takes it upon himself to move bulbs around. We've experienced this quite often. I don't know why I bother to sketch a diagram, labeling what bulbs are where. Because after Henry gets done with our yard, tulips are where daffodils bulbs were planted and so on. I've given up; Henry is going to do what he pleases. I'm just glad he doesn't leave the property with them!

I will update the garden further as the flowers so gently unfold to show us their magical beauty.


  1. The robins are here, so I imagine they will be showing up at your place soon.

  2. You're lucky. Most of our snow has melted, but there are still giant dirty piles scattered around.
    I'm sure we probably have one or two snow storms left until "mud season".
    I guess until we have some buds on the trees I'll have to admire everyone else's flowers!
    Maybe Henry has a master plan!

  3. Oh yay! We haven't seen any here yet, but surely we can't be far behind. Seeing the crocuses sprout up is always one of my favorite signs of spring. I have noticed the birds returning over the past few days. But according to the extended forecast, we still have about a month of chilly-willy weather to endure before it gets nice to stay.

  4. Your crocuses are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this touch of Spring!

  5. I am so happy you spotted my, and I see your purple has arrived in the form of crocuses.

  6. I saw a robin in my yard this past weekend. Spring is 4 days away!

  7. when those buds start to bloom i get so very excited!! i saw 2 tulips in the park today and was estatic!!

  8. It's funny but the robins never left us this year. It was REALLY cold for a while, too.
    It's great to watch spring pop up, isn't it. I've got my lemon tree and alstromeria outside today 'airing.' Many of my perennials are already an inch or two above ground. Although this is nice, May is my favorite month of the year -- it's so lusty and green! I look forward to the photos of your garden.


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