January 23, 2009

Music speaks to the soul

Please click on the line above to hear some of the most poetic music of our times.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying "hello." I'm so glad you did because that led me to yours. I'm a Leo, so I think I'm meant to be a regular visitor! Love your photography, and I'm sorry you got discouraged last month. I was a newspaper reporter for 10 years and I know that sometimes I'd wonder if anybody was out there reading, but they always are!

  2. Hello,
    Have you ever seen the movie Les uns et les autres ?
    In it is the danceperformance from Maurice Béjart om this wonderful music Le Boléro. The dancer in the movie is the original dancer, the argentine Jorge Donne. I knew him ánd I knew Maurice Béjart, from when I was a dancestudent and later on a modern dance teacher, in the Netherlands and in Brussels. Jorge has died still a young man, Maurice died recently, in his eighties. On my bloc you will find a link to the Maurice Béjart Compagny of Lausanne, Le Boléro is still being danced, you can also find it on YouTube. Lately, André Rieu, from my country, and his orchestre performed Le Boléro, at his concert in Australia. It is done very well and I love it.
    Please visit my blog
    The very best to you from


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