January 10, 2009

Love is in the air.

I would like to make the introductions. This is my cousin James. He was seven months young when this picture was taken in December 2008. He will be one year young in May. I had the wonderful opportunity to hold this little guy in my arms in October. He was delightful to look at with his huge blue eyes and ever-smiling face.

We were getting a snow storm today (which I was very happy about). When I opened the door for the hundreth time to watch the silent snow gently fall, I noticed we had received our mail. As soon as I saw the long envelope I thought what did Pennsylvania send me today?! Gently, I opened the envelope with great anticipation, and saw that my cousin was generous enough to send me a photo of this delicious little baby. And to think I was happy about the snow storm! I know he has, and is growing fast. Each stage is another remarkable and memorable experience. I just love him all the day long!


  1. Hey Purple Flowers! Your cousin is adorable.
    I hope you don't stop blogging, I try to get over here but get hung up on my long list of blogs to read!
    Any way, you can place your order about a week before you want the cookies to be delivered. It takes 2 business days to get to your location, so as long as we have the cookies in stock they'll go out as soon as you order them! Thanks, L

  2. One more thing, you should have seen how bright the moon was last night (and tonight). We have a layer of snow so it was bright all night.

  3. Welcome back!! That baby is gorgeous! What a smile!
    Hope you have a happy & Healthy New Year!

  4. What a cutie!! Glad to have you back. :)


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