December 19, 2008

Isn't he handsome?

I have a fixation with the moon. Every night I either look outside a window or step outside (with a jacket on) to see the real moon. As you may have noticed, I even have the phases of the moon as a sidebar on this blog. I cannot describe why or how I became interested in it; all I can say is that I just did. The moon is interesting in its ever-changing shape and color. It also seems like a friendly soul, if you choose to give it a personality of sorts. I like the fact that it/he/she watches over us at night, and gives us light as well. I absolutely adore moonlight in my room at night; it makes me feel soothed.

Countless people walk from their car to wherever it is they are going, and seldom give the moon a first glance, let alone a second glance. Me, I could stare at it until my neck begins to hurt. I love the moon.


  1. Thank you for the comment! The moon is so incredible, i wish people took more time to stop and look at it for even just a little bit each day, because they would be amazed.

  2. When we lived in the city we hardly looked at or thought about the moon. Now that we're in VT (in the middle of nowhere), we look at it every night. The moon and the stars seem so much brighter out here. I guess it's because there are no distractions in the country. It's even more bright in the winter when there is a bed of fresh snow.

  3. It's like looking at the ocean,we realize we're just a very small part of a very big picture.
    Snow on the ground, and the moon is one of my favorites. Snow makes the moon appear brighter. On the right side of my page 1, I have the moon phase chart, if you ever want to see what phase it's in, you're welcome to stop by.


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