November 1, 2013


To some people, the month of November signifies stoking the fireplace, warm sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets. It's a major transition from shorts, flip- flops and t-shirts. We do it as a ritual; the right to move forward. As much as I love the summer sunsets, I also enjoy the way the moon hangs down on Autumn nights. The skies are clearer and brighter. I can see Orion's belt better than any other season. Oh, but I love that moon - la Luna as my maternal Grandmother use to call to it. I remember as a little girl, I would watch her stare at it from the kitchen window. Now as an adult, I find myself entranced with it. Ah, such beauty in nature. I also love apples...the kind that aren't in season in the summertime.

If in the summer months people mentioned the Autumn leaves, I would slightly shudder - not because of those beautiful and crispy leaves that I love to crunch with the bottom of my shoe. It is, however, the extended daylight that I appreciate so much in the summertime. After dinner, there is still time left to do a little gardening, take a walk, or jump on my bicycle for a bit of a neighborhood spin. During this coming weekend, we will change back the clocks one hour, which sort of prevents me from doing those outdoor exercises after dinner. Oh well, time moves on, doesn't it?

I have given up the flip-flops for now. It takes me a while. I am slow to move into socks and shoes, but have recently started to. "Ouch" I hear my feet say, however, they will get use to it. I make up for it with scarves around my neck. I am definately a scarf girl - always was...always will be. I even have a purple one!  : -)

I am slowly coming around. Halloween was yesterday, and I was totally excited for it. I dressed as a jack-o-lantern and it was fun to see the eyes of the young ones pop open when I opened the door and said "trick or treat" my amusement of course. A bald eagle crossed our threshold, and a pair of sister twins dressed as babies that were so so cute. Kayla and Lily left holding hands all the while looking at their candy loot. What fun!

Just last week, Allen and I planted our spring bulbs. I refuse to wear any of my garden gloves. As nice as they are, I need to feel the earth in between my fingers and under my new nail polish. It's a tradition, and although I welcome new ones all the time, I tend to rely on the old ones as well. It's wonderful. I feel as if I am feeding the earth, not to mention my soul.

Feel good my friends.


  1. Beautiful post! Happy November!



  2. These is my favorite season of all and it has been colorful and wet but it still warms my heart! Happy November!

  3. Kathleen...for someone who misses the seasons in a big way, this was lovely to read. I am with you on all counts, including getting stuck into the dirt. I have never figured out why it is so satisfying...but it just is. I can see you get that too. Thanks so much for your comment...I hadn't thought about snow passing by the potential kitchen windows...I am more excited just for the thought. Thank you... xx

  4. Kathleen,
    What a lovely post today. I loved what you said about feeling the earth between your fingers. That's how I feel about gardening, and I think that's why it's one of my favorite things. It sounds like you are enjoying the Autumn days. This is my favorite season, but I look forward to Christmas so much. It's a magical time for me and my favorite holiday of all.

    Are you back in blogland for awhile? Please let me know, dear, and I'll put you back on my side bar.



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