March 27, 2013

Tender, yet strong

I have a grouping of Rosario Irises. Their leaves seem to withstand the cold winter months. They surprise me every year, and I smile. They are one of the first flowers to bloom, next to the crocus. They bloom before the tulips and daffy's. I love this Rosario Iris. You see, my Father's name was Rosario. After he passed away, and I was one day looking through flower catalogs...there it was. As beautiful and radiant as can be. I planted eight of them in an arch shape. I will take more photos are they mature.



  1. Hi Kathleen! How beautiful! I have some Siberian irises, but even they are not out of the ground, yet. Daffies not quite blooming, either. I can see why these bring you such joy!

  2. Kathleen,
    That is such a special story that right after your father passed away, you saw these Rosario Iris' in a catalog, and his name was Rosario. They are truly a wonderful flower. Did I ever tell you that my favorite color was Purple? I think that is why your blog caught my eye, Purple Flowers.

    Happy Easter, dear friend of mine.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Gorgeous flower! We have zero flowers popping up yet....I think Buffalo is usually a month behind.

  4. How wonderful Kathleen...such special flowers with a very sweet story. I look forward to seeing more of them.
    xo J~

  5. Kathleen,
    I love this story and your Rosario Iris! My garden beds are dedications to those I have loved and lost.


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