September 4, 2010

A visit to a special museum

This was not part of my going away summer vacation, however it
was a great Sunday morning day trip into New York City. We live
approximately fifty minutes west of the city (in suburbia). Allen
and I arrived early in the morning, visited some of our favorite
sites, and left when the crowds started to come through the
doors. I have a special place in my heart for this museum for
a variety of reasons. It's a beautiful place for one to feed the soul.
Note: I wanted to take photos of some of my favorite Claude Monet paintings, however, they did not come out well. Also, our favorite Joan de Arc painting was out on loan. There is so much to see: Asian, African, Western European, Eastern European, various religious artwork from centuries past. And I am probably missing many sections of the museum.

The Metropolitan Museum in NYC is too vast to visit just once. I have been visiting countless times since my teenage years, and don't know if I have fully explored the entire museum. It is breathtaking, educational, and exceptional.

A particular angle of the European sculpture garden. There were many people wondering around (like us) to take a photo of the entire room. In the background, you can see an Artist sketching. It was in this skylit sculpture room, that Allen proposed to me! : )

On the rooftop of the museum is the Cantor garden. There is a wonderful view of much of the city. Above is a slice of Central Park with the well known Plaza Hotel in the backdrop.

An interesting room of European style armor.

The American Wing Sunroom - this is inside the museum

A sculpture relief of a staircase in the American Wing

Stained glass Tiffany with waterfall

I hope you have enjoyed just a slice of this wonderous
and special place.


  1. Kathleen I would love to go, fabulous sure to see my museum posting!

    Art by Karena

  2. Our next vacation will be a trip to NYC...I believe this will be a must visit!

  3. It looks like a wonderful place to visit. I've only visited one time and I don't remember seeing the parts you showed.

  4. the architecture is beautiful! thanks for sharing!

    xo Alison

  5. The Met is one of my most favorite places in the world. There was a time when the only place that I could really relax - and breath deeply - was in that magnificient building. When my son was much younger & he whined about going to a museum I could always entice him to the Met with promises of knights and mummies!

  6. The MET is my favorite place hands down in the city. I can go there once a week and not get tired of it. Thanks.

  7. Magnificent! And so special that Allen proposed to you there!

  8. You bring the most beautiful surprises! Your photography and the locations were stunning. What a beautiful choice of a spot for a proposal. The Met has so much to offer one can never tire of it. Thank you.

  9. omgosh, kathleen ... are you serious?
    allen proposed to you there?
    (sorry to repeat previous comments ...)
    that is just so so romantic and so special to your heart ...
    to imagine how connected you already were to this
    magnificent spot, and then to have something so
    monumental happen there for you ...
    awww ... my heart is warm.
    it is so true about museums ... about not possibly
    seeing all there is to see and absorb in one or multiple
    visits! my hb visited museums in london and paris
    this summer and lamented on the fact that it would
    take hours just to truly understand and research one
    exhibit, let alone the multitude available to discover!
    happy to see you ~ you made my heart skip to see
    your name pop up today ... thank you so much!
    happiness to you and yours ~

  10. I can't believe it that all of my trips to NYC..I've never been. We were going to the last time but with catching up with friends & family, there wasn't any time. We instead went to Cloisters? Have u been? It's beautiful!

  11. Maureen: Yes, I have visited the Cloisters. It is indeed a serene and spiritual place. I want to stay for hours when I visit.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. How wonderful Kathleen. I have a list a mile long for my next NYC visit! Now this is what I call an enjoyable summer- one that you made the most of!

  13. See, this is why I should live close to a big city instead of cotton fields and cow pastures! What a fun trip, and you're so wise to take advantage of what's close to you.

  14. fun!!! We do live fairly close to Chicago but never seem to make it to the museums!!!

  15. looks to be a wonderful day trip.. think I shall mosey on over to our CMA .. Cleveland Museum of Art this weekend...

  16. Great post on one of my favorite museums.

  17. Kathleen,

    The Met is a magical place and I could spend days there. You actually included a photo of my favorite exhibit -- The Tiffany Waterfall Stained Glass/Mosaic. I have a spot in my garden for it but they refuse to accept my offer! (smiles)

    Your Friend,


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