September 19, 2010

September at the beach

I went to the beach yesterday (Avon by the Sea) with my friend Susan. We had a delightful time! September is a wonderful month to visit the NJ coastline. The crowds of people are nowhere to be seen, and the only beach goers who are there are book Readers, Surfers, Walkers/Joggers and Photographers.

Although the day was breezy, the sun was shining its brilliant self. The beach is a great place to reflect and close one's eyes while listening to the sound of the waves. As you already know it is indeed one of Earth's greatest pleasures.


  1. It was like that when we went to Ocean Isle Beach last March. Loved it! I could have sat on that beach all day listening to the sounds of the surf.

  2. So glad you had a chance to experience the 'off season' beach. Although, frankly, the beach at any time is such a gift!! I notice it's near the Atlantic Highlands -- did you go to Doris and Ed's? It was a favorite of ours when we lived there.

  3. KathyA - We had a picnic on the beach - just great. However, thanks for the referral. I will keep Doris and Ed's in mind for next time.

  4. I love the contrast of a crowded beach to a private beach or a bustling city to a walk in the woods alone. I think the change or scenes is good for the mind, eyes wide open or shut.
    Happe week ahead.

  5. Sounds like a perfect time for a trip down the shore.

  6. Sounds divine! And that last shot is great!

  7. this is a beautiful place to go meditate like early mornings at sunrise...ahhh perfect!

  8. Love your images. And, adore your header, by PVE!!

  9. I like visiting the beach with a chill in the air and no crowds. It sounds like you girls had a perfect day. Have a golden one my friend. xo

  10. indeed, indeed, kathleen ~ one of earth's greatest pleasures ...
    there is something so 'hush' about this time of year
    at the seaside ... or a lake ... or a river ...
    the waters take on a more gentle lapping ...

    when i was younger we 'lived' and sailed
    at our local federal park lake ...
    our favourite time of year was in
    may/june and september/october
    ~ off season was right 'on' for us ... : )


  11. Our favorite Florida beach also is best this time of year. Thank you for the mental vacation!

  12. Spending time at the beach is always fun! Love your header.

  13. i just love the beach after summer is quiet and peaceful...what a lovely day..

    happy to visit with you today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  14. Looks so refreshing. I need to find me a quiet place like this. I'm due for some relaxation.

    Kathy I can wish all I want, But really do wish I could be half as dedicated as you and your friends are with blogging.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  15. I LOVE the beach this time of year, that is if I can pull myself away from planting allium bulbs!

  16. Kathleen,

    We locals know the best time to go to the beach is when everyone else isn't! So glad you enjoyed the weather, surf, sand and the company of a kindred spirit.

    Your Friend,

  17. I totally agree. I love the being near the water.


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