August 15, 2010

Perhaps last, but not least

Overall, the weather this summer has been sultry hot. My flower garden can testify to it. However, instead of mentioning what did not flourish under the NJ sun, I have decided to show you what we have been enjoying with our senses. A few of the flowering plants such as Lavender came and went with grace and elegance. We have a large lavender plant alongside the walkway, close to the front door. Many times, I would run my fingers through the flowers, and breathe in its heavenly scent.

Let's move on to what is still doing well under the hot August sun.

The multi-color Hydrangea has been another delight for us. The leaves are a rich dark green which is cooling to the eyes. And then there is the flowering ball that forces one to smile. Our Hydrangea bush could not decide if it wanted to be pink or blue, so it decided without our intervention to be both. We love it!

The David White Phlox has grown in abundance. Its tall stalks reach up for the sun, and strike a contrast between its pretty white flowers and its neighbor, the red Knock-out rose (which is sadly not blooming anymore).

Our sweet Porchulaca was never expected to grow this season, for the main reason that we did not plant any, and thought they were annuals. To our surprise, they popped up mid-season, and have been flourishing under the burning sun. They are listed as a succulent.

Ah,the Persian Shield is one of my very favorites. Its colors are outstanding: deep purple w/a silvery tint. It is "suppose" to be a shade plant, however, it has grown quite large again, under the burning sun. I love this plant.

So, there you have it. One of the many things that have taken up my summertime. It's been sheer joy working in the garden, saying goodbye to favorite blossoms and hello to new ones.

See you soon!


  1. What a lovely and positive post! I love that Persian Shield, too -- had never seen it before and am totally with you on the lavender, phlox, and portulaca (which is an annual, you were right) -- but sometimes when you don't disturb the soil, they re-seed themselves. Isn't that a neat gift? I love that when it happens.
    More good news is that with the fall and milder temperatures, our Knockouts should do well again!

  2. Kathleen it has been a challenge keeping the flowers alive and well this summer! From torrid heat to rain galore!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Wow, that last photo is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful color!!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!!!! The "David White Phlox" is on my list! gotta go get some of that!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden treasures!

  5. I hope I am a gardener some day! Your hydrangeas did much better than ours did; our poor dears just looked worn out from the heat. Your garden looks healthy & fresh - lovely.

  6. Hi Kathleen...i loved my garden tour...everything is so lovely....

    i still am keeping an eye out for the vincent price never know


    sending love, my friend
    kary and teddy

  7. Pictures of flowers are so inspiring and I love the great colors of your blog. Purple is a favorite color of mine. Do you cultivate orchids also? I tried, but they didn't last long.

  8. Thank you for your beautiful post. I am making a list -- love the Purple shield and the white phlox. My knockouts were doing well, until the deer came through!!! Hope your summer was great. Best for fall.

  9. R.J. - Thank you for stopping by. I do not cultivate orchids, although I think they are a beautiful and elegant flower.

  10. hi kathleen...happy to see you...and those tomatoes were delicious...

    wish you were here to enjoy them with me



  11. As my dear friend advised me to wait a year before I touched my garden to see what delights were in store....and I see it does take waiting for such perfect joy. Patience is a virtue and so is a garden.

  12. I love how one of the flowers is deep purple with a little sliver tint. very nice.


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