April 2, 2010


Today, April 2nd, is my very good friends' Birthday. Her name is Joanne, and if you ever met her, chances are you would like her.

Joanne and I have the ability to just sit and talk, or maybe not talk, but to take in the moment. To sit and listen to the music that plays, and really listen to the words, without cutting them off with our own words. To stare at a painting, and not have to comment every 5 seconds about it, but to breathe it in like a heady wine. To allow for more than one of the senses to envelope us, so we become at one with where we are, and who we are. Joanne is one of those friends with whom I can do all that. She understands that life is not always a garden of flowers, and that the music is not always melodious. There's hurt and sadness in this world, and she is extremely compassionate to others and their feelings. Without people like Joanne in this world, I believe the world would lose its soul.

Joanne's spirit and energy is vital for life to be pursued in the most beautiful way. She looks for that garden of flowers, and breathes each one in, as if it's her first time ever doing so. Her excitement is contagious. To me, that is a simple innocence, at any age. I could continue to describe her , for she is so insightful, delightful and deep. Joanne is a beautiful human being, inside and out.
My friend - I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I will always cherish our friendship.


  1. You have some very special friends. I love the words that you use to describe them. Happy Birthday Joanne. I would say that you both have a special gift.

  2. What a lovely birthday tribute to your dear, sweet friend! Happy Birthday Joanne

  3. Happy Birthday, Joanne! And a blessed Good Friday to all!

  4. Sending Birthday Wishes out to Joanne! You are wonderful friend to share your sentiment with us! Happy Friday!

  5. Happy Birthday and warm wishes to Joanne! AND to you my friend a very Happy Easter! Many hugs... xo

  6. She sounds like a great friend to have. Happy Birthday, Joanne!

  7. Happy birthday to your lovely friend Joanne. (and to my dear husband)
    I know so many people born in this day!

  8. Isn't friendship one of the greatest gifts? Happy Birthday to your friend, Joanne - she sounds like a very special person.

  9. What a lovely tribut to your friend, who is not only a wonderful gift in your life, but she as well has gotten a great friend in return!happy Birthday, Joanne!

    Happy Easter to you all!


  10. Kathy....... I love the pic's you took of the tulips! The flowers sing to us as they reach for the sun and the sky! joanne


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