December 18, 2009

A Stocking filled with love

Original drawing by Marilyn Dowling

"Once upon a time in a world long forgotten, there were no bionic men dolls, no robots with ray-guns, no barbies, no burpies, no flashlights or blenders, no tape decks that played back the voice of the sender.

Christmas tree candles couldn't all blink sequentially, battery powered buglers couldn't oompah perpetually. Stockings were smaller, their stuffings were simple, a hand knitted scarf, a hand whittled whistle.

Why did people still cherish the holiday season? We're not really certain, but we think that the reason that there was still laughter without all these toys is that there was still love, and it's love that brings joy." Author Unknown

Wishing you a loving and joyful weekend!


  1. A lovely reminder to focus on the reason for the season instead of the commercial and secular endeavors. Thanks Purple!

  2. You too my friend have a golden and joyful weekend!xo

  3. Those were the days...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I don't need gifts
    I just like the lights & the feeling of JOY
    And the colors ...

  5. I think this year has been a challenge for many - making even the smallest of joys bring hope and joy in hearts of all ages.


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