November 23, 2008

A Path

I took this photograph of a wooded path in a park called Loantaka, near where I live. I have spent many years riding my bicycle, walking and horse-back riding on this very path. One day, I had my camera looking for subjects to photograph. When I started walking around, I realized this particular path was like an old friend. It is a very serene and safe place to be. The leaves rustle on the tree tops, and the dirt path is patted down. Even now, it seems to draw me in. On a sunny day, the sun dapples its rays through the trees, and all is well with the world for that moment in time. It's a home for small animals such as chipmunks, squirrels and lots and lots of birds.

At this time of year, the leaves are down, which makes crunching just teriffic! What I enjoy is seeing the trees without the leaves. They show their true and interesting forms. Have you ever noticed that?
My Grandmother had a saying "When the trees undress, we dress. When the trees dress, we undress."

I like this path; it has a beautiful quiet sound. I wonder what Robert Frost would say about it...

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