February 26, 2010

Spring Flowers...mmm not quite yet!

It happened.

Just when I was beginning to see signs of Spring in my garden, bam, we were in the midst of a two day blizzard.

Even now as I write, we are still getting mini snow falls.

I was sitting in my room this morning reading (every woman needs a room of her own -thank you Virginia Woolfe). I would occasionally look out the windows and see a very beautiful and peaceful sight. Snow falling from the third floor is nothing more than a visual delight. Of course, if one has to travel in it, well, then it may be not so pretty. However, if you're sitting in a cozy chair with your feet up on an ottoman, reading a good book, with your knitting bag by your side, and no place to go, well, life is good! I do miss seeing my Marionette daffodil leaves popping up, Rosario irises starting to grow, and Tulip leaves. I believe they will make it through this. The snow is just part of the winter season, so take heart; spring is on its way soon.


  1. Gorgeous and serene. I love snowfall, something about it makes us breathe deeper and softer. Peace, XXX

    P.S. Teach me how to knit?

  2. I sit here writing to you from MY office! You are so very right about every woman needing a room of her own!!! I have a big comfy chair in here, too, with my books, TV, and a basket holding my knitting. Can just picture you sitting in your cozy-warm room, too.
    I'm hoping the snow is insulating all my precious roses and perennials. We'll see...

  3. Kathleen....well it sure does look beautiful...

    on the knitting..when i walked in yesterday to the yarn shop i couldn't even cast on..and then she really made me nervous when she brought out 4 knitting needles..almost ran out the door like my hair was on fire..but she said, no..stay..you'll be fine..it's o.k. and i was starting to get it...have been trying to teach myself off of you tube..but wasn't having much luck....

    i'll let you know about the class after tomorrow....wish me luck, my friend

    kary and buddy

  4. I am going to try and relax this weekend! Reading , painting, It has been a crazy with an interview yesterday. So I deserve it!! The images are beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Spring will be here before we know it.

  6. I wish I could see the beauty in the snow the way you do! We have gotten so much in the last week that it is really starting to make me wonder if spring is possible. When I look out the window and see the snow falling, all I can think about is how bad it's going to be driving my daughter to school. I have to admit, it does look pretty when it first falls, though.

  7. You sound very cozily tucked in! Doesn't this always happen just when we start to get a touch of spring fever? We finally got a little snow last night-but until this snow-the ground had been bare for about a week... Have a great weekend, and don't forget to stop by later for a cupcake and celebration.

  8. The snow here IS beautiful! My daughter is coming home from Tanzania on Monday after six months of volunteering at an orphanage & will certainly need more than the flip flops that she left with!

  9. Clarity: if we lived closer, I would be happy to teach you to knit!

  10. I could feel Spring in the air yesterday. It was a "sweltering" 32 degrees! I hope the snow leaves quickly and makes way for buds and blooms in your life!

  11. Beautiful snow is sometimes better than terrible storm - we had storm today - the bulbs are coming out slowly here so I hope the snow won't come back. You are of course welcomet to participate my giveaway.. Mira!


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