April 17, 2009

O' Tulip...you are...

So beautiful!
I love countless types of flowers, shrubs, trees and practically everything else that grows outside except the poison ivy family (I can start itching as I type the words). However, there is something about the Menton tulip that has me captured. And I think I know what it is - the shades it exudes. It's not all pink, or all peach, or all coral. It's a gorgeous melange of several different shades of different families. At times, I almost see a rosy-like shade on it.
We have a group of them outside, quite large in fact. Some have opened during the day, showing their exquisite layers of colors. And some are a wee bit shy, and are waiting for their moment of "ta da" to occur. In the photo above, this one, is not quite ready to come out, however, what I love about it most is that it's just beginning to unfurl. You can see that at the top of the petals. One can only imagine what shades and colors will come out when this beauty decides to show herself. I love that layering look. It is abit mysterious, yet knowing. Can you tell I am a fan?!


  1. Yes, I can sure tell you're a fan and I can also understand why. Funny, I'm also waiting for me moment of "Ta Da" to occur, too!


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