April 1, 2009

April FOOD Day


So many people who never thought they would need food assistance are now asking for help from their local food bank. They have lost their jobs through massive layoffs, and despair is a sinking ship. Elderly people on fixed incomes are finding that costs are out-pacing their incomes. Who thought the senior years would be the hardship it has become for many people, who worked so hard for so many years.

Please click on the links below for more information about April Food Day and information on where your nearest food bank is located. Whether it is your pocket change, the glass jar filled with dollar bills or your wallet.

Remember: Pennies add up to dollars.

The blog is: http://aprilfoodday.blogspot.com/

The feeding America site is: http://feedingamerica.blogspot.org/

Thank you in advance for your actions. It makes a difference!


  1. Such an important day. So good they we are all doing a little something to get the word out.

  2. Count your blessings! From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow! Love how the love has spread already...yeah APRIL FOOD Day!! I have already cleared out my pantry.

  3. I drop off to our food pantry regularly today I will make an extra trip. Thank you. xoxo

    ps thank you for signing up to follow me. I just signed up with you too. (smile...)

  4. Definitely worthy of our complete attention.

  5. Well played! Thank you for sharing such an important post. I've just started reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," and I tell you, between the hunger epidemic in this country (and that is what it is) and the genetically modified food we're forced to eat (do you remember kids -- esp. from poorer families -- having ADD, diabetes, asthma, etc. years ago? I don't.), and the lack of food education...it just makes me nuts. I could stay on this soapbox all day...But it's your blog so I won't. ;-)

    Thank you again for helping to raise awareness!

  6. Thanks for helping to get the word out!!


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