April 9, 2009

Garden of Hope

The colorful image to the left caught my attention by its colors and 3-D like appearance. I have not analyzed it beyond that. Sometimes, art just needs to be looked at and loved (or not). I happen to love this one for its artistry and title. I think everyone in the world could use a garden of HOPE.


  1. Beautiful! (title and colours)

  2. This is beautiful! An artist once told me to enjoy and not break it down. When I catch myself doing this I stop and simply enjoy. xoxo

  3. Good afternoon,
    Joyful Hope, you show . Don't you absolutely need and want to surround yourself with flowers ?
    Isn"t it lovely that within a few days all that green sprouts out ( speenkruid ) all over de soil and thoze lovely smelling flowers ?
    Saw my white Boeddha diassapearing into the speenkruin in my garden on my blog ?
    Have a beautiful Easter.

  4. C.T. Thank you
    Joyce: Those are wise words I am going to adopt.
    Ariadone: Yes, I do need flowers and color in my life. Enjoy your Easter!


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