May 4, 2010

Living life

Allen and I took a long weekend, and drove to Northampton, MA. It's approximately3.5 hours away from our home. Mainly it was for real estate business, however, we did get to see some fun and interesting sights. Unfortunately, the photos didn't turn out well at all. The only one that was passable was the highway exit sign for Northampton. Therefore, I will spare you the photos that were not to be.

Anyway, on Sunday morning we had breakfast with Allen's long time friend, Matt. It was so enjoyable to see him and spend some time with him. He and Allen have a great friendship, and I liked watching their interactions. It made me smile. : ) It made me think that no matter how fast time goes by, some important things remain untouched, as in their friendship.

When we returned home, we were greeted by an array of new garden blossoms. What a wonderful surprise!

Dianthus flowers (hot pink)

Rosario Iris (my favorite because it shares its name w/my late Father.

Sometimes, going away refreshes one's spirit. I think for Allen and I this is true. We were able to re-visit the town where he lived for almost ten years. The shops are fun, and the whole town is...well...highly creative.

The above quote came from a Jackson Browne day time calendar. I believe the analogy is a good one. If life is to be compared to a stove, then why not live juicy, and on all four burners. If you have more than four burners, then go for it. : )


  1. It's always great to get away from the everyday and recharge. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, every which way.

  2. I thought about you this weekend- hoping you were hitting some of my favorite shops!
    It must have been beautiful there!
    Welcome back home. I'd love to see photos of your garden in full bloom this summer.

  3. Glad you had such a nice trip. The pinks are beautiful as are the iris and together! Wow! What a color combination! And what a nice welcome home.

  4. Ahhh... Kathy don't you love coming home to nature's little gift of surprise waiting for you?! I'm glad you had a great time away. xo

  5. Love the quote. Have a great week!

  6. Beautiful garden! Love the sweet birdies you sent Debra they are so darling. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Sounds like a nice getaway and love the quote.

  8. Pretty good pictures and nice quote ;)


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