April 28, 2010

The succulent strawberry

This painting by Julian Merrow-Smith of a strawberry is mouth-watering. The ripeness makes me want to rush to the market and buy the best basket I can find. However, I know none of them can compare to this beauty.


  1. That does look sweet and juicy! Fortunately, here in NC we are entering into prime strawberry picking season! Yum...can't wait!

  2. I painted today and I always have a never ending list of things that I would love to paint, add a juicy strawberry to my list! The Strawberries in my garden have come back again!
    Wonderful painting.

  3. beautiful! i had did a double take...looks so real!

  4. Ah but the time is coming when we will be able to harvest wonderful fruit like this!

  5. Makes me wish for a strawberry pie...or painting! This painting is sweet in many ways.
    I hope your weekend is the berries!

  6. Oh my girdle this painting is so beautiful! Yes it does have me craving strawberries. Wouldn't homemade strawberry shortcakes sound just perfect for a sunny afternoon?
    Have a golden weekend my friend! xo


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