April 24, 2011

Happy Spring!

Signs of Spring are all around. Nature mesmerizes me and I begin to daydream. Walking past the newly bloomed flowered trees and plants, I smile to myself as I soak in their diverse colors and shapes. I want to wave at the Daffy's that seem to be waving to me in the breeze. Even the trees seem to want to show off their beauty with curvy branches, and pink and white petals - if only for a limited time. The delights of Spring are some of the beauties that poems and songs are made of. It's all here for us to enjoy. Live with eyes wide open.

Our garden -Spring 2011


  1. Beautiful.....we are many weeks behind you. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Spring is for sure singing and waving in your corner. Beautiful!!

    one side of the garden the hostas are slowly coming through and the other side they seem to be still sleeping.


  3. oh joy!

    so elated for you! how glorious to have spring in full bloom ... yay!
    the fuzzy crocuses may be soon poking their way up here and i am pretty sure i will be waving and quite probably dancing ... : )

    happy spring ~

  4. Yay! you're back! and... you brought Spring with you!

    Have a Wonderful Week!

  5. The enormous wisteria up the hill from us is in full, glorious Spring bloom - one of the most beautiful things around. Hope you have a great Spring and a better Summer!

  6. Your flowers look BEAU-TI-FUL!!!! I feel like my tulips bloomed early this year. Normally, the daffodils are out far before them. Oh well....just hope they can hang on for a while!

    xo Elizabeth

  7. Great to see your gorgeous pics :))
    HAve a wonderful week

  8. Love those daffodils!! Ours have been lasting so long here...it's been surprising! Looks like you did have a lovely Easter...one that will continue also!
    xo J~

  9. So beautiful!!!

    The daffies always seem so much more enthusiastic to me than the more refined tulips!!

  10. Love your beautiful flowers!! I have yellow and pink tulips and daffodils as well - but not as many as usual - perhaps a little creature got into the bulbs!! So looking forward to the peonies.

  11. Beautiful beautiful beautiful, Kathleen...& I love your PVE sig.

  12. Kathleen,

    Your tulips and daffodils look lovely. A rabbit has taken residence in my garden; literally burrowing and building a nest and feasting on my tulips. Out of the 100 planted only 3 survived!
    Thank goodness she can't reach the lilacs!

    Your Friend,

  13. Love the pics! My tulips rocked this year, if I do say so myself. :-) I managed to snap a photo last week before hopping on a plane (again...lots of travel this month!). One of these days, I may actually POST the photos!

    Hope you're well! I did have to wear a coat tonight but I think spring is finally reaching us in the Garden State.

  14. What beautiful flowers you have, Kathleen! Thank you for sharing - my tulips did not come up this year ;(

  15. Hi Kathleen...so Happy to see you at Farmhouse Kitchen, my friend...i fianlly got out of my "blog slump". i don't know what that was about...your flowers are so beautiful....

    i am enjoying the Spring flowers as well...

    happy to stop by for a visit today....i have missed you

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  16. Isn't spring the best?!?! My alliums are just starting to open, of course it makes me thing of you double time! xoxox


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