November 28, 2010

A good friend is a treasure.

Photographer: Kim Anderson

You're going through life: enjoying its wonders and surprises, getting through the rough patches etc., when all of a sudden you realize it has been too long since you have seen your special girlfriend.
In my life, her name is Joanne. E-mails are not enough for either of us. However, sometimes we get caught under the large umbrella of being busy bees. I miss Joanne's hearty laugh; it is contagious. When we are together, and it does not matter where we are, life is better. We talk, laugh, cry, talk some more. We connect.
Joanne is extremely busy with work, and keeping an eye out for dear ole' Uncle Fred. If there were more hours in the day, she would find good use for them. Her house is her palace, and when I step foot in it, I know this is my JoJo's home. She converted a lovely house with a strong bone structure (kind of sounds like I am describing a model, eh?) into a beautiful Victorian home, complete with antiques in every room, and warm colors that immediately want you to see more. It is simply a delight to eat breakfast at her dining room table, with the sun streaming through the bay windows. It is divine. It is Joanne.
So....Joy anne, when you read this, call me and we shall make a date for a weekend of the hearts. I love you girlfriend!

Joanne and Uncle Fred


  1. Kathleen this is so meaningful as this holiday weekend I finally got together with a dear, dear friend!

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  2. So special that you have a strong connection with Joanne. I hope you two get together soon.

  3. Now that's the way to let a dear friend know how much she means to you! Wishing you both a special day, very soon...of enjoying each others company!!
    xo J~

  4. Having a wonderful friend, that you are not able to see often and yet can pick up where you left off is special. xo

  5. Really need to make more time in my life to see those friends that are so dear, and maybe not so near. Easy to get wrapped up in the everyday minutia...thanks for the reminder, I'm going to reach out to some friends today.

  6. Hope you two get together soon! Don't you love those kinds of friends that even though you haven't seen each other in ages, when you do get together you pick right up like you saw them yesterday?! Just found you and will be back! Cathy

  7. sweet sentiments-its great when you can reconnect with old friends! have a great day!

  8. So true - we need to be nourished by time (in person) with our friends. Mine are spread out all over the country - so I really miss a lot of them.

    I'm sure your friend misses you too!!!!

  9. Thank you for visiting me ...your blog is lovely...and I sooo agree Friends are such a BLESSING!

    Happy December. xoxoxo

  10. Kathleen,

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. ~Author Unknown

    You and Joanne need to get together and celebrate your friendship.


  11. Friendship is one of the best things in life!


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