March 19, 2010

Your assistance please?

Illustration found on a tissue box : )

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin
It can be any stage in life whereby situations can reduce your outgoing lifeforce to a bud, tight, with no where to go other than to remain there. I know someone like this, and wish I could help her bloom like a poppy. She is intelligent, perceptive, and talented to mention a few of her wonderful qualities. Unfortunately, she is unaware of them. When I look at her, she truly looks like she's in a tight bud. And all I can think of is how beautiful it would be if she could take the risk.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can help this person break through?


  1. I would say just being the good friend that you are. Using words of encouragement and a gentle, gentle nudge. It's so nice to see you here Kathleen.

  2. Each of us have our "season" or "time" to bloom, all you can do is care like you would a plant, give water, sunlight, lovely music, some nice plant food, fertilizer and weed when appropriate. I know of what you speak, and to see a friend blossom is truly such a special talent.
    Prayers also help. Influence can be such an inspiration. Radiate love and kindness and hope for a special debut of your friend.

  3. People don't bloom until they feel safe. Much of that has to come from within. Encourage her to do yoga and meditate, and you meanwhile can pray for her.

  4. This can be so hard to watch when you know a person has the potential to bloom. I would keep being a wonderful friend to this lady and continue to invite her to events and encourage her to get out!

  5. My Mom always told me that things happen when you least expect them. All you can do is incourage her to try new things. Something new. Venture out. Meet new people ... or whatever would be in her area of talent.

  6. Ouch ... forgot to check spelling ^,,^

  7. Being the special friend that you, will give your friend the safety net she needs to slowly open up. Sometimes it is by our example that helps other to trust and open up. By your wonderful examples, appreciation for life, your kind words, and your silent words will slowly nuture her to grow. Think of one of your seedlings in your garden, one day it because the prettiest purple flower.

    Friends like yourself visiting my blog has even given the training wheels to share feelings I would normally keep in. I'm going to bet you have already planted the seed within her. Many hugs my friend! xo

  8. Wise words have already been shared, but I too, am a believer in the power of prayer combined with supportive friendship (attraction rather than promotion). And now remember that we will all be thinking of your friend too!


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