March 2, 2010

Ten Items that make me happy!

The inner courtyard of the Elizabeth Stewart Gardener Museum

I was happily tagged by Prairie Girl Studio (you can find her here) to list ten things that make me happy. Although I can list many more, I will try to stay within the lines. They are not in any particular order.

1. My husband's laugh and my Mother's giggle
2. The fresh scent of a garden rain
3. Vivaldi's Four Seasons
4. Fields of wildflowers (& purple flowers) :)
5. Waking up w/my husband realizing we are holding hands (such a great start to a day)
6. Nature in all its glory (this includes land,sea,sky,animals and the four seasons)
7. Family and friends - old and new
8. Art Museums
9. A Library
10.Meeting people from different lands and learning about their culture (love this)

In place of nominating, I will ask everyone who is reading this to please join in. Spread the joy; it's fun! :)


  1. Kathleen~ I love your list. I couldn't stop at 10 {always breaking the rules...}I would like to join you in a visit to a library then a long chat over coffee or tea. I hope today is filled with a few of these favorites things.

  2. Only 10, you left me wanting more. I like the holding hands best.
    Treasure those top 10.!!!

  3. I love your 10! I enjoyed the happy list, it taught me to stay within the box (only 10-hard to do), to pause and enjoy the butterfly flutter as I wrote down the 10. Enjoy your golden day my friend! xo

  4. Loved your ten -- especially the holding hands part! So beautiful!

  5. Those are beautiful. I love the smell of rain too. Flowers, museums, libraries...all so good!

  6. It makes me happy to know that you and your husband sometimes wake up holding hands. So sweet!

    And fields of wildflowers, too. I saw poppies blooming along the road today while I was driving my daughter to ballet. Poppies! Hooray!

  7. Great list!! I got nominated to do this over a week ago; embarrassed to say I haven't done it yet... hopefully soon.

  8. oh, i LOVE your list ... and i know right now is too difficult for you to find happiness ... but some day, you will have carole in your heart, happy again with all these wonderful things ...
    i was so tickled about the vivaldi four seasons ...
    i love, love, love how your mom's giggle makes you happy ...
    take good care,
    prairiegirl xo


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