May 4, 2009

There she is...

I bought this print entitled 'Looking to Sea' painted by David Schock. I can only imagine how beautiful the original is. I am captivated by the entire scene. The woman's stare, seeing only her hat, and not her face. I would like to know why the Artist decided not to show her face? Perhaps he was telling us it did not matter. He wanted to convey her as a person, without specific identity? He created the mystery of the ocean, and the wind blowing her dress. I could hear the waves roll ashore. It was one of those 'had to have' beauties.

I then had the joy of getting it framed. I double matted it, and selected a light-colored frame. It hangs in "my space" room where I have plants, a gurgling fountain, a cozy reading chair with ottoman, a desk and lots of family pictures. The room gets bright light through the windows, which makes her world come alive. There are some items in my life with which I need to feed my soul. This is one of them. Are there things besides family/friends/flowers/pets/nature that you get joy from?


  1. The print is beautiful. It makes me wish I were there!

    I have a print hanging on the wall in my living room that I love. I'll have to post about it on my blog soon!

  2. The room and this print are heavenly!

  3. Gorgeous! You have taken me to a special place~ much like the place I just returned from.

  4. OMG! You bought her! Isn't she perfect?

  5. I think your room / space sounds divine!
    I love it when a room is filled with family pictures and I still want to buy a gurgling fountain, had one, but I broke it.

    What brings me joy are flowers, flowers, flowers and candy..

    XX, Carmela.

  6. Oh the sweet summer breeze! I can't wait to go to the of all summer joys!

  7. That print makes me wish it would stop raining so I could go sit on the beach this weekend and stare into the waves! Looks like I'll be staring at raindrops again...(it just wont stop raining here!)

    I know I'm not supposed to say that "stuff" gives me joy...but...some of my stuff kind of does! I love remembering where I found things (sometimes buried and unwanted in a thrift store...sometimes in the trash, LOL!), things that I inherited from my grandparents' collections...and how it's all been given a new home in the shore house. I'm quite content with turning other people's castoffs into my treasures. :-)

  8. I ordered this print after you mentioned it some time ago and, like you, I am enchanted with it. It gives me joy each day. I have it hanging in my office with photos of some of my cats and horses, books and other favorite things. When I look at I can hear the ocean and feel the sand under my feet. Thank you for introducing us to it.


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