May 27, 2009

Believe in the goodness of life

Look for what is good, and you will find it.

A good life is not lived by chance, but by choice. We can be wise from goodness, and good from wisdom.

Find something to love with all your heart.

Inspiration and contribution go hand-in-hand. Our friends Mary and Theresa gave us this beautiful rose bush. We were inspired and they contributed - how generous!

Go out and find where people hold their potential and meet them there. Be not only good for yourself, but the cause of goodness in others.


  1. I love this post. My parents taught me to lead by example. It is wonderful to see them still looking for good in life! I choose to believe in the goodness of life. My roses are beginning to pop!!

  2. I agree!! Do kindness for the heaven of it!

    The photos are beautiful -- what is the rose in the second photo?

  3. "A good life is not lived by chance, but by choice"

    How true! How True! What a wonderful quote. Your gardens are looking good!

  4. pve - it makes a HUGE difference when you choose to believe in the goodness of life, instead of the negative.

    Kathy - I'll look up the name for you. I know it's from Jung Seed Co.

    Hi Abby - Thank you, and so do yours!

  5. Ooohh, it's soooo busy right now. I saw you post this morning and I wanted to write something, but clock was ticking and I thought...NO this post needs my full attention.

    So..again..Yes I have a weakness for quotes and these ones are just great and true..

    Your flowers are gorgeous!!!

  6. Beautiful! I can practically smell through my screen. :)

  7. A very thoughtful post. There is something to be grateful for each day when we rise. Seeing the good in others is so easy- much easier than hunting for the not-so-good!

  8. Beautiful roses. Wonderful words.

  9. You're garden looks like a wonderful sanctuary...

  10. Beautiful thoughts! Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo


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