October 20, 2008

A Summer Treat

Well, this morning some of my summer flowers and plants have turned to looking like spinach. That only means one thing; I have to get myself out there and work on Phase III in the garden. The first two phases were annual clean-ups, and cutting back of perennials. The final phase will be to plant the one hundred seventy something tulip, daffofil and crocus bulbs that have been purchased. But have you ever not wanted to 'git out there' and just do it. I'm in that mode now. To get motivated, I've had to go to a couple of online garden sites where I purchased the bulbs to remind myself of the spring joy there is to come. Good news: Hubby has taken some vacay time, and will be my garden partner!
By the way, the photo is of a Hibiscus flower. :o)

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  1. It's so great to have someone to work with by your side.


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